You are AWESOME!

You are Awesome!
I know it!
You know it!
Now, let’s prove it to the world.

I haven’t met
my students yet.
So how do I know
they are awesome?

Because each one is made
in the image of God, and
Each one has something
to offer our world.

Who will figure out the next agricultural miracle,
So that famines are unheard of?
Who will uncover the mysteries of the past
to solve the problems of today?

Who will discover the cure for cancer?
Or lupus? Or diabetes?
Who will determine how to eradicate mental disorders
like depression and others we can’t pronounce?

By the grace of God, someone will.
No, not now.
when they have matured.

After I and many others
have nurtured and taught them
how to think
deeply and critically,

And taught them not to give up
when the task is difficult,
But to plow through,
and find the answers.

Yes, I am convinced.
By Gods grace,
someone will
find the answers.

And I may be seeing them next Monday.
With eyes full of wonder.
Not theirs… mine.
Monday, the first day of school.


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