Iridescent Grace

I have been away from my blog for a number of months working with a team launching a new book. We are excited to get it done.

This book, a memoir written under the pen name of Carly Richaven, reveals the cruelty of mental illness, the resilience of a child, and the amazing grace of a loving God.

Most who have read it say Carly’s book is extreme. The abuse is intense, but the love of God and His grace throughout is also intense.  Get ready for a roller coaster ride that you will want to stay on until the peace-filled end.

The abusive Mom had multiple personalities. The three her children were most familiar with were the Quiet Mom, the Party Mom, and the Evil Mom.  They knew which one she was at the time by her eye color. When her eyes changed from blue to silver, they knew things were about to get bad.

How are those children sane? Find out in Carly’s book. You can find it at or Barnes & Noble also carries it.

Carly also has a blog on WordPress.

If you love true stories of God’s grace and love, don’t miss this one.

The trailer is coming soon. I will post it when it is sent to me. Can’t wait.